disc golf toronto

Disc golf is a really great sport, and it hits a delightful spot which is cost and accessibility. Unlike “ball” golf. Disc golf isn’t too expensive. You just have to invest in buying some Frisbee’s and find a disc golf course near you. Disc golf is an easy sport to pick up, easy to learn, less time-consuming, and an interesting game. Instead of a big bag with golf clubs and balls, players throw plastic flying discs that can be carried in a backpack or shoulder satchel. Unlike the traditional golf game which is hard to pick up and takes a lot of time which leaves most people impatient & frustrated after spending hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars in 1 summer.

Disc Golf is a happy medium for walking exercise and spending time with loved ones and friends with a cost efficiency nothing can match. Remember everyone playing just needs a couple frisbees/discs to play & most Toronto Disc Golf & GTA courses are free to play.


The Rules & Objectives of Disc Golf

The objective of the game is to get a flying disc into a target in as few throws as possible. The targets are usually steel baskets with a steel chain net to catch the flying discs. Which is the main focused goal. A player will start by throwing a disc within the tee area. The main aim of this first throw is to get the disc as close to the target or leave yourself a nice second shot towards the target.


After every throw. You make your next throw from the spot where your disc has landed.

The thing which makes it hard and challenging is, You cannot move from your spot, you cannot move the disc nor the environment around it to create a better throw for yourself.


Playing with other players.

When starting you can play a plethora of games to decide the order of throwers.

Order of play on the teeing ground is based on "honors," which means golfers tee off in the order of the best scoring on the previous hole. The golfer with the lowest score tees off first on the next hole, and so on.

Players tend to take alternate throws after the Tee Off. Furthest disc from the target will typically shoot before the others no matter the shot count.


Challenging Environments

The interesting thing about Disc Golf is that no two holes are exactly the same anywhere in the world. Every disc golf course is different and each one is designed to make it challenging to play the game. There are obstacles such as tall trees, water hazards, and roughs that sometimes require players to curl the disc around these obstacles. This makes it an interesting challenge.



A penalty is an extra throw that is added to your score. This is usually awarded if the disc lands out of bounds, lands in the water, or anything else against the rules. Penalties can be awarded for all sorts of things, so make sure that you know the full penalty rules before you start playing.


Final Thoughts

A great sport to spend time with friends & family. Toronto Disc Golf is here. Don’t hesitate to send us an email for any questions. info@torontodiscgolf.ca