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Flight numbers are key to learn. But this is quick and easy to choose discs right away confidently. Feel free to email, for any questions and suggestions. I'm here to help. 

Assuming you're here cause you don't want a starting disc set that comes in a pack and you want to choose your own discs. When I started, the first thing I ran into was not wanting to get the same pack as my friend. Lets be real.

A good starting set is a selection of 6 of the right Discs.

1 putter and 4 discs will give you what you need to have fun or compete against your friends. The extra disc will be very under-stable which you will learn to use in time.

I am not including putter & distance drivers. Only Midranges & Fairway Drivers.

For putters chose the name you like lol. Distance drivers are hard to throw.


Discs in between these flight numbers will offer a variety of shots to learn.

Speed 4 to 9

Glide 4 to 6

Turn 0 to -2

Fade 0 to 2

Disk Weight suggested,167-173 Grams

Something with a -2 turn and 2 fade will give you a nice S type shot when thrown with some power and good technique.


Example of FLIGHT NUMBER disc types to start off with. Notice the numbers are different. If you find discs similar from any company. Your started in the right direction.

You want 1 Putter,

2 Midrange types, under-stable & over-table

2 Fairway Driver types, under-stable & over-table

1 Extra Disc very under-stable


Speed 5/ Glide 4 to 6 / Turn 0 / Fade 1 to 2 (straight to end fade) (higher number the fade, typically a bigger "curve" shot is needed to reach the target)

(over-stable) Midrange


Speed 5/ Glide 4 to 6/ Turn -2 / 1 (Controlled S shot straight flyer) 

(under-stable) Midrange


Speed 5/ Glide 4 to 6 / Turn -1 / 1 (Small S shot straight flyer) 

(under-stable) Midrange


Speed 6 to 7 / Glide 4 to 6 / Turn 0 / fade 1 to 2 (straight to end fade, good technique and some power needed) (over-stable) Fairway Driver

(A high speed over-stable Disc) A person should have good technique before committing to that type of disc, it usually fades to hard to get any distance)

Speed 7 to 9 / Glide 4 to 6 / Turn -1 to -2 / Fade 1 to 2 (Controlled S shot straight flyer, good technique and some power needed)

(under-stable) Fairway Driver


Speed 5 / Glide 5 / Turn -3 / Fade 0 or 1 (under stable, extra disc, keep at low speed no higher than 5, meant to help learn different types of shots)

-finesse type approach shots around obstacles

-roller shots,

-hyzer to flat

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